Extraterrestrials---Fact and Fiction

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They are here! In spiritual practice, we must ascend to the Cosmic Plane to connect with ET energy. This work represents a true union of science and spirituality. In this class Sandy will discuss: *ET arrival on Earth *ET purpose on Earth- I.P.G.C. (Inter Planetary Galactic Council) *What is I.P.G.C. and who are the members *What are the different types of ET’s on Earth *ET DNA and it’s connection to 5 types of Soul Origins on Earth *ET on Spirit Plane versus Cosmic Plane *ET methods of communication Sandy will also lead a meditation to connect you with ET energy. Sunday November 20, 2022, 2:00-3:30 PM Fee: $35 For more information/To Register: https://spiritandsoulstudio.com/schedule

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