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Soul Alchemy & Ascension 

Reverend Sandy Guarnotta

☾ Internationally Recognized

☾ Galactic Channel

☾ Expert in Extraterrestrials

☾ Medical Intuitive-Healer 

☾ Experienced Psychic Medium

☾ Psychologist for over 35 Years

Soul Alchemy is the practice of transforming the Soul. Ascension is the evolution process of awakening innate soul knowledge, which has been accumulated during each incarnation. As a soul assimilates this knowledge, it transcends into the higher vibrational energy, the energy source aligned with expanded consciousnesS.

Alchemist, Medical Intuitive, Galactic Channel,Psychic and Medium


Medical intuition



mentoring Channeled guidance Psychic Medium


   Education    classes


Reverend Sandy Guarnotta 

Communicator of Spirit, Motivator of Soul, Illuminator of Destiny

Sandy will impart for you the wisdom from a collective group of ascended beings, to guide you on your path of ascension. 


Exposure to deeper levels of your Soul essence liberates your Akashic truth, dissolves ego, activates use of sacred geometry and reveals your innate knowledge of ancient metaphysical healing. As the etheric bodies embrace the pre-destined challenges of the soul, karma is reviewed and neural pathways and cellular structure are transformed, creating an inter-dimensional paradigm shift of your souls energy.


In this shift you develop your new soul script, and free your true soul essence. You shall live in the celestial state of love and peace of all ……As is above, so is below!


Our Clients

Image by Vincentiu Solomon

Robyn Paige-

"I cannot thank you enough for all you do. I thoroughly enjoy all I've learned and continue to learn form you. You have been an incredible blessing in my life. Always an amazing experience giving me just what I needed. There really are not words to show my gratitude towards you for what you give to myself and countless others. From the bottom of my heart I thank you."

Image by Vincentiu Solomon

Rev. Lisa Michele Griggs

"Sandy is an amazing healer, teacher and guide. She offers Divine information that continually assists me on my path. Sandy is genuine, humble and truly gifted. I am so grateful that she shares this gift with so many of us. I can see the impact that she makes in my life and in the lives of many others. She is a clear channel and directly connected to the Divine."

Image by Vincentiu Solomon

Lynn Huguet

"Sandy Guarnotta is a gifted and talented spiritual leader who has been blessed with the knowledge, courage, intelligence and guidance to help bring about spiritual growth in others. She shares a sense of ultimate responsibility to Spirit through channeling and a deep and compassionate respect for those seeking her guidance. Sandy's knowings reflect a higher consciousness, clarity, and understanding of the present human condition. The voice she speaks in is powerful and her mission clearly reflects a vision to help facilitate and promote necessary growth and healing on the planet Earth.

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