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Meet reverend

sandy Guarnotta

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Reverend Sandy Guarnotta is recognized on television and radio and as an internationally known Medium, Psychic, and Medical Intuitive and Galactic Channel. The New York Daily News has interviewed and quoted Sandy in several articles. These articles have referred to Sandy as “an expert in the field of extraterrestrials” and as “the other Long Island Medium.” Sandy  has also been a practicing Psychologist for over 35 years. Her unique ability to combine her divine spiritual gifts with her experience and training as a Psychologist offers a profound and life changing experience for all.


As a child Sandy experienced near death and a crossing over to the other side. This experience was the commencement of Sandy’s communication with Spirit and her continuous journeying to the other side. In her work as a Psychic and Medium, Sandy respects her God-granted gift of communication. She uses her gift to bridge the gap between heaven and earth, validate the eternity of the soul, offering a sense of comfort and peace amidst the tragedy of loss.


As an adult Sandy was diagnosed with a fatal disease. This tested her faith in the other side and her own gift. Sandy refused to accept illness. She prayed for healing. Her prayers were answered. In her meditation and connection with the other side, Spirit offered Sandy knowledge of energy healing. Sandy was introduced to the MAP team, who channeled and instructed her in different modalities of cellular healing energy to use on herself. Sandy worked together with Spirit to achieve healing. After working solely with Spirit and receiving no traditional medical intervention, several months later the disease was no longer detected in Sandy’s body. 

As a recognition of soul purpose and demonstration of gratitude to Spirit for her healing, Sandy vowed to assist others onto the pathway of healing. Sandy transmuted the healing energy from the modalities that Spirit taught her onto a CD Healing Meditations from Beyond, for all to learn how to heal themselves.

Sandy continues Spirit’s work by offering  medical intuitive and healing sessions. She  also provides classes which focus on training others in how to use medical intuition and teaches others the different healing modalities and techniques which Spirit has granted and entrusted to her. 

In her continued devotion to serving the other side. Sandy was ordained as a Reverend in the Order of Melchizedek. During this time Sandy used her ability to channel messages from Galactic beings and her granted status of ambassador for the Interplanetary Galactic Council to serve as a channel of Pleadian for the highest good of humankind. Sandy continues to connect people with awareness and understanding of their soul origin and revelations of Earth’s evolution, ushering all into the new dimensions of energy. Alan Steinfeld creator and producer of the show New Realities  titles Sandy as a "Visionary for the Planet” as she represents hope and promise through her channeled  revelations about our future world. Sandy uses her extraterrestrial status to assist us in navigating the evolution of individually and globally. 

Sandy's unique background as a Psychologist and Reverend, her divine gift of communicating with the other side, her ability to medically intuit disease, teach and offer healing, and deliver her visions for this Planet, allows her to provide a unique and sacred experience.

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