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..."The Divine gave me a treasure to have experienced a reading with Sandy. She can see deep into a person's soul and what they need to know in order to grow or progress forward in their life and spiritual development. Also, she can sense into the body to inform of any things a client should pay attention to and explore for health. The reading covered ancestors and loved ones from the other side. The reading overall was truly very special and unlike any other reading I had experienced. Her healing/reading room has such a high vibration and pure divine light energy. Thank you and I highly recommend the reading for anyone interested!!" - Maria P. N.Y. Healing Lightworker, March 2014

..Thanks so much for an incredibly wonderful and enlightening experience during your five week class on spiritual development. I can only describe the quality of information as being of the very highest vibration. I felt the meditations were blessed gifts of the spirit; the healing technique imparted was precise and powerful; the use of sacred geometry as both a healing tool and as a portal is information that is not readily found anywhere else. Also, the class participants were of such a caliber that I felt I was in the company of truly amazing people. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is seeking to raise their vibration and am looking forward to the next time you offer a development class."- Laura M., NY, August 2013 ..."My experience with Sandy is deeply profound and powerful. She brought forth clear and useful information, guidance, and insight that was soul specific. She also provided medical intuition and healing regime. Remarkable!! I know feel greater clarity of purpose, trust and connection with divinity in my daily practice and life. I highly recommend a session with Sandy and also to purchase her new CD. It is phenomenal, transformative and healing on all levels."
-Elizabeth, NJ. CMT July 2012

"...Sandy Guarnotta is a rare talent. She has mastered a unique combination of modalities that create a powerful experience guiding you towards fulfilling your soul's mission here on earth. She truly is one of higher service."
- Marise Hamm, Feng Shui Design, New Jersey/New York

"Sandy your CD, Healing Meditations from Beyond, was just what each of us needs! I have listened to it several times this week. The level of peace that comes over me is a state of being that is so deeply healing. The disc is wonderful and powerful to say the least and it is clear to me that it needed little change in its production state as it is you in your highest state . Thank you. I trust it will be spread far and wide. We are all lucky to be touched by you, San. I am Grateful for your presence in the universe."
-Lynn Huguet, Reverend, CT

" I thank you for channeling this wonderful healing and guidance tonight at your April 20, 2012 meditation, "Bring in the Light". I feel safe in this energy. When I leave your meditations I feel empowered, accepted and loved." -Cathy B., Long Island

"...My Name is Steven Schein and I am writing to thank you for a reading you gave to me in August 2006 and to share with you just how prophetic your reading has come to be. You told me that my guide is Archangel Jeremiel and that I had many things ahead of me to do. You informed me that I had certain abilities that passed to me through my father's side of the family and you said that my path would take me to places where I would be talking in front of groups and that I would be doing readings. Eight months after your reading I began giving weekly invocation at the Spiritualist Church we had joined, in addition to giving a lesson on a Spiritual topic several times a year. As you already knew that I would be, I have been giving readings and messages weekly at our church for the past year..."
- Steven Schein, Police Officer, Nassau County, NY

"...Sandy has afforded me the opportunity to experience several readings with her and the results were nothing short of astounding. She has a gift that lets her see into my soul and she has made suggestions for my journey that have already helped me tremendously. Sandy, thank you for your honesty, guidance, encouragement and suggestions. I feel more connected to Spirit since meeting you and I feel like you have shown me the way..."
- Arlene Dobbs, Farmingdale, NY

"...Sandy Guarnotta is a gifted and talented spiritual leader who has been blessed with the knowledge, courage, intelligence and guidance to help bring about spiritual growth in others. She shares a sense of ultimate responsibility to Spirit through channeling and a deep and compassionate respect for those seeking her guidance. Sandy's knowings reflect a higher consciousness, clarity, and understanding of the present human condition. The voice she speaks in is powerful and her mission clearly reflects a vision to help facilitate and promote necessary growth and healing on the planet Earth..."
- Lynn Huguet, Reverend, CT

"...I originally witnessed Sandy's amazing gift in a large group setting. We met a few weeks later in her office. The visits that we had from people in my past and the messages that they left were on the money. The experience of her being channeled was extreme for me, as I experienced a sense of clouded tunnel vision into her very translucent eyes. When my late husband told her to mention a word that meant only something between us; I then truly knew it was him. During this exchange with him I knew it was time to allow him to move on. That was what I truly wanted. But how? How? Thank God for Sandy she gave me homework, a protocol to follow for the next week. Well, after five days I was completely unblocked and felt wonderful and light again. I have finally allowed him to move on. None of this would have happened without this wonderful human being we know as Sandy. With all my gratitude, Sandy, you have changed my life and made me whole again..."
- A.J. Cohen, NY

"...I met Sandy back in 2007 during a group reading, Sandy brings a sense of warmth & great energy to the room. I was amazed at how gifted she was that I had a reading about six months later. I see her once a year. She has changed my life for the better. I feel very connected to the spiritual world, each visit I have become more aware of things and people around me....I trust her honesty & guidance for which I am grateful. My last reading was on June 13 2011. I was so blown away. Before the reading I went through a very difficult time with my husband, he had a near death experience. I was very touched on how she understood what he and I went through, she showed me how to let go of all the negativity and what was to change our life. I saw a HUGE difference in about 2 weeks. My husband is getting healthier & stronger as each day passes. I have learned through Sandy what my soul purpose is and appreciate the gift of every day. She has opened up a new door for me regarding love, health and life. THANK YOU Sandy for your beautiful gift! I wish you many blessings!!!"
- Michelle B Roslyn Heights, NY

..."What a pleasure to spend time with you on 11/11/11 at the Portal of Oneness workshop and like minded wonderful people.First and foremost, I have had pain in my throat for years and attributed it to a damaged thyroid, it has been increasingly worse. My throat is now relaxed and the upper part of my body is no longer holding stress and pain. Its gone!! What a relief!! My heartfelt gratitude to you. I love to sing and now feel free. My thoughts were provoked on topics I hadn't thought about. You gave my heart permission to be, with a sense of belonging, feeling safe and encouraged my backbone. Since the "portal" opened to automatic writing I also have had new ideas coming through after the workshop. This is my idea of empowerment. I particularly enjoyed the balance of humility and devotion to Spirit with your education and title. It's like a breath of fresh air. Blessed Be."
-Renee Marie Murphy, N.Y.

..."Sandy is an amazing healer, teacher and guide. She offers Divine information that continually assists me on my path. Sandy is genuine, humble and truly gifted. I am so grateful that she shares this gift with so many of us. I can see the impact that she makes in my life and in the lives of many others. She is a clear channel and directly connected to the Divine."
-Rev.Lisa Michele Griggs-Feb 2013
IET Master Instructor
Reiki Master

..."I cannot thank you enough for all you do. I thoroughly enjoy all I've learned and continue to learn form you. You have been an incredible blessing in my life. Always an amazing experience giving me just what I needed. There really are not words to show my gratitude towards you for what you give to myself and countless others. From the bottom of my heart I thank you."
Robyn Paige-January 2016
Long Island

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