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Akashic Record/ Past Life 2 Session

Know past, present, and future. Two 60 minute sessions.

  • 595 US dollars

Service Description

Geometric key meditation and sacred pathway prayer will be used to enter the Akashic plane of cosmic consciousness. This plane contains the hall of records where the vibrational record, the entirety of each soul's journey, is stored in an energetic blueprint. Sandy will guide you into the meditative state where consciousness and cosmic consciousness are in complete harmony. It is only here that true Akashic record can be accessed. We review your record to understand your past choices and how they negatively affect you today. The energetic consequence of your choices are negative blocks restricting you from accessing Divinity. As your record is presented to you in this session, you will receive the knowledge your soul consciously desires. Possessing this knowledge is necessary for you to heal on all levels and transmute your full Divine presence. The healing energy of the Akashic record allows you the freedom to choose grace in all things. In this state of grace and ascended vibration your cognitive constructs become aligned with the steps you are to take on your soul journey. Taking these steps will remove the negative blocks that are causing you to believe you are separate from your Creator. In this unity you will fulfill your soul purpose.

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  • 516-205-6655

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