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Counseling Of The Soul 4 Session

Journey in to your soul purpose. Four 90 minute sessions.

  • 1,250 US dollars

Service Description

This counseling will be provided over the course of four consecutive months. Sandy employs a unique approach which she developed, combining Psychology and Metaphysics. Using her experience as a Psychologist, Sandy will uncover your repressed, unresolved emotions and associated defense mechanisms to reveal the psychological blockages of your soul journey. Sandy then reviews your Akashic Record, channeling snippets of your past, present and future lives to reveal the spiritual/energy blockages of your soul journey. Each session will provide clarity of your journey and soul purpose. Understanding the karma of past lives frees the soul for future flight. Sandy will channel Divine guidance of specific emotion, thought and action which must be experienced and released for progression of your innate soul gift.The completion of releasing these experiences will usher you into alignment with your souls ability to fulfill life purpose. Each session will end with an assignment (soul work) for you to engage in before the commencement of the next session. The soul work you complete in between each session will becomes the foundation of the higher-level energy needed for attaining ascended vibrational energy in health, career and love.

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