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Healings Package of 4

An intensive healing series. Four one hour sessions.

  • 1,000 US dollars

Service Description

In a healing session Sandy will assist in an energetic transmutation which focuses on healing. Sandy conduits energy from the other side, invoke the violet flame and manipulate your Merkaba. This brings you into awareness of your lower vibrational emotions and negative beliefs which have manifested into illness and of what you must release in order to experience healing. She provides the opportunity for you to heal yourself in spiritual recognition and in alteration of vibrational memory by holding sacred space for this energy transmutation. As a conduit, Sandy also alters your cellular structure, aligning you with the highest vibrational energy needed to facilitate physical and emotional health. She will unblock and infuse your chakras with light and integrate your body, mind and soul. Once all cellular memory is transmuted to the highest vibration of energy, you will function in soul purpose. You will be offered the opportunity to develop in the gift of Oneness and light and progress all cells into a state of optimum healing.

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Contact Details

  • 516-205-6655

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