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Medical Intuition Package of 2

Assessment, diagnosis & intervention. Two one hour sessions.

  • 550 US dollars

Service Description

As an alchemy medicine practitioner, Sandy will use four different methods of intuitive assessment to scan your etherial bodies, Chakra and Merkaba and inside your physical body. This scanning will assess and diagnosis imbalances in spiritual homeostasis. These imbalances often reveal themselves as blocked energy patterns and limiting cognitive constructs and belief systems. The assessment scanning process will find the physical disease, emotional malaise and the psychological source of illness. As a channel of Spirit, Star Beings and assistant to the MAP Team (Spiritual Medical Assistance Program), Sandy will act as a conduit of holistic healing intervention for you. Sandy will guide you into awareness of how to manifest the transformation of your cellular structure by altering the conscious vibrational memory of your cells. Consciousness creates and consciousness therefore also heals, as your replace old belief systems with affirmation of optimum health and homeostasis.

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Contact Details

  • 516-205-6655

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